Butchertown Brandy

62% Alc. By Vol. | 124 Proof | 750ml
Serving Size: 1.5 fl oz
Calories: 151
Carbs: 0g
Protein: 0g
Fat: 0g

Boom, Boom. Imagine bottling the spirit of john lee hooker – supple, sexy, full-bodied and rhythmic. Imagine bottling the spirit of the modern jazz quartet – elevated, elegant, sophisticated  – bluesy with a hint of improvisation.

This is drop dead gorgeous brandy. This is bad-ass brandy. This is not ordinary, everyday brandy. A blend of distiller selected reserve casks. Superb, exclusively copper pot-distilled small batch brandy. 75% aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels and 25% in new American oak.

Non-chill filtered without adulteration by boisé (oak flavor or infusion), sugar or caramel color for an uncorrupted natural flavor and natural color. Some natural cloudiness, faint suspension or sediment may occur, especially at colder temperatures.

We recommend serving over good ice in an elegant rocks glass or with a touch of chilled water to enable the bloom.

Appearance: dark brown, golden mahogany. Slightly viscous.

Aroma: strongly reminiscent of superior whiskey and Kentucky bourbon. Blackberry with hints of cherry.

Taste: fabulous brandy start,  bold, robust, strong whiskey notes with brandy fruit coming forth towards the back end. Rollicking almost rye whiskey like on the mid-palate. Superb structure and backbone.

High proof chewy. Hints of dense, fruity Irish pot-still whiskey.

Stone-fruit – peach & dark cherry 

Finish: slight tannic, oaky dryness, lingers on the tongue. Velvety smooth & approachable, especially for high proof spirit.

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