We make dynamic American style spirits. We do not make derivative brandy. We make differentiated, uncommon, unadulterated pure pot-distilled natural American brandies, gins and liqueurs. Distilled in American copper potstills, matured in bourbon barrels. Our signature house style is a little feisty, rambunctious with a long smooth finish.

We are not a typical distillery. We are all out imagineers, and we hate the term “innovation”, we don’t do innovation, we like to think of it as invention.

In many ways it’s as much a personality disorder as a business strategy. It’s our personal oxygen, our corporate voice, and a substantive reason why American Brandy is cool and exciting right now, American Brandy boogies. We are less interested in literal product descriptions than in adventurous, creative journeys for drinkers to explore, and stories to enjoy in their glass.

For us, it’s a creative expression in a glass. We distill a lot of ourselves in our spirit, it’s always personal. It’s always a little more personal than you want it to be, and there’s a bit of pressure in that. It’s an artistic sensibility.

You could think of us like a band (ok, we like to think of ourselves as a band), and as a band we put out a lot of music (and for us musical genres are product platforms – brandy, gin, absinthe, collaborations, limited releases, liqueurs, and each individual product is an album within the genre). We don’t expect you to like every song, but we’d really like you to love the music. And to hopefully appreciate most of the songs on every album.