Upcoming Events At The Distillery

  • Bo & Luke 2017 Bottle Release

  • Copper & Kings Single Barrel Specialty Tour

  • Horror Movies in the Courtyard: Scream

  • Absinthe After Dark

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If you would like to purchase Copper & Kings American Brandy products from the convenience of your own home, or cannot find a store retailing Copper & Kings located close to home, these fine retailers offer an on-line option to purchase with home delivery wherever it is legal to do so.

Brandy Old Fashioned

Who you callin’ Old Fashioned? The Brandy Old Fashioned, an American classic.

Click here for the full recipe.

Brandy Rocks!

Look who’s turning 3 today!!!!!! In honor of Copper & Kings Day (our birthday) thew barrels will be having a party of songs about celebrating your big day. Party along here: