130 proof/65% ABV

$60 per 750mL bottle

limited release artisanal absinthe. Matured 18 months in Serbian Juniper wood barrels, the double-distilled Muscat brandy base, non-chill filtered spirit is unadulterated by any post distillation infusion of flavors or essences.

The unique liquid will be available by request only to very select bars and retailers across the Copper & Kings distribution footprint, as well as being sold at the distillery. The original fine art is by Louisville artist Damon Westenhoffer.

The absinthe is themed upon the mythological Balkan dragon legend, Zmej (or Zmaj, Zmey,, Zmeu, or Zmiy – depending on region) and is pronounced

“Zm-eye”. Zmej is legendary folklore, with deep historical roots across the Balkans,

Wealthy, sexy, lusty, with a reciprocated regard for beautiful women. Extremely intelligent, super-human strength, benevolent but with a fire-breathing short-fused temper, which also could describe the spirit in the bottle.

“Absinthe has a somewhat mythological reputation,” said founder Joe Heron. A reputation that is perhaps a little over-the-top, but to us the fantastical landscape represented a wonderful personality and canvas upon which to work. To imbue a sense of adventure, an incredible journey, and a lovely escapism. To let bartenders, and drinkers dream a little.”

“An original. A spirit of such lushness and intensity that it defies a lot of rules, …. And expectations,” said head distiller Brandon O’Daniel. “Intense, elegant, the Muscat base adds voluptuousness and viscous mouthfeel, and the barrels add novel flavor nuance and depth that goes on, and on. I’m not sure we can more fun than we are having right now”.

“Serbian Juniper wood barrels are quite challenging maturation vessels for spirits – quite porous, sappy, not exactly efficient. But, oh my goodness – what character, worth it in the end.”

Appearance: Honey Golden.

Aroma: Culinary fennel notes, lemon, piney, with a slightly lower key anise than typical absinthe.

Taste: Ginger preserves, slight “salty caramel”, with sweet honey on back, licorice foundation. Lovely viscous mouthfeel.

Finish: LONG lasting, lingers and goes on for ages. Super smooth. Honey, honeysuckle, piney juniper.