100 Years ago this year, a very fine African-American bartender originally from Louisville, Kentucky, published a book of cocktail recipes illustrating his imagination and fine craftsmanship. That book, by Tom Bullock, was called The Ideal Bartender.

We’ve always been inspired by this story. It’s a story of diversity, and hard work. It’s a story of economic mobility through knowledge and skill, developed through hands on practical experience and customer service.

We believe our industry needs more Tom Bullocks. And we believe that the hospitality industry is the perfect vehicle to bring more people along for the ride, to provide skills and opportunity for people from all walks of life and economic circumstances. To provide and create a deeper, more diverse city and industry.

The highest state of consciousness is the state of doing. We are proud to be doing something, to be doing something to provide opportunity for our community. We are proud to develop and host the Ideal Bartender School with our generous friends and partners – Brown-Forman, Moonshine University, Against The Grain Brewery and others. All educators are providing their services free of charge.

The Ideal Bartender School aims to provide a rigorous, disciplined, education designed for students to learn the essentials of hospitality in a bar setting with a focus on spirits education, cocktail creation, beer & wine knowledge and bartending skills and techniques.

The course is intended to celebrate the legacy of Tom Bullock, with the objective to provide opportunity through a thorough practical education for people in need. The course is specifically targeted at individuals who are serious about embracing a bartending career. Selection is limited to a maximum of 20 people and applicants also participate in an interview process preceding their final selection.

The class size is limited to a maximum of 20 people, and the selection process will be uncompromising. Students need to have great ambition, a very high work ethic and understand the discipline and personal qualities required to be successful in a demanding profession.

Program details, the course schedule and application forms can be found at www.idealbartenderschool.com.

It always feels good to give back. There’s a lot of joy.

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