Create a Copper & Kings American Brandy music inspired cocktail and win a trip to Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

American Brandy boogies. Yessir, gets down and boogies.  Build a cocktail that rocks based on a song chosen from a recording album of your choice. Cocktails must include at least one Copper & Kings American Brandy product as the base spirit.

Submissions are due by: 1/2/2018 thru 3/12/2018. Semi-Finalists notified by: 4/2/2018.

Competition photos

Click the image to see photos from the 2017 competition.

Click here to see photos from the 2016 competition.

book download

Click here to download a copy
of the 2017 competition book.

Click here to download a copy
of the 2016 competition book. 

Competition Entry Form

    Your cocktail must feature at least one Copper & Kings base spirit. Absinthe Blanche can only be used as a modifier in conjunction with another Copper & Kings spirit.

The fine print

Online and Regional judges will score the cocktail recipes using the following criteria:

Presentation & technical skills
Creativity & innovation
Balance & aroma
Inspiration & story

Online Round:
Copper & Kings will assess all entries and select the six (6) best cocktails and two (2) runner-ups per region that represents the most gifted recipes based on the following judging criteria:

Name of cocktail
Overall presentation and technical ability
Creative use of Copper & Kings
Balance and ratios of ingredients
Album, Artist, Song used for inspiration

Online submissions will be accepted from January 2nd, 2018 through March 12th, 2018.

The online finalists will be invited to participate in the regional judging event at a bar to be determined at a later date, taking place in the cities listed below. The finalists will be asked to show up at a predetermined time to present their drink, while their inspiring song is played, for judging.

The regional judging events will take place between 4/9/2018 and 5/7/2018. The exact dates and locations will be determined at a later date. Semi-finalists will be notified before 4/2/2018 by email or phone.

During the regional judging events, each semi-finalist will be asked to recreate three (3) of his/her drink.

Semi-finalists will need to bring:
Ingredients - house-made syrups, bitters, liqueurs, etc.
Specialty ice
Equipment - Shaker tin, mixing glass, bar spoon, strainer, jigger, straws, etc.
Music – A copy of the song that inspired your drink

Semi-finalists will be given 15 minutes to set up, prepare and make 3 of their drinks. Then, asked to explain the inspiration behind their drink and how it pairs with their particular album/artist/song choice. A panel of three (3) judges, including a member of Copper & Kings, will select one (1) Finalist per region for a total of eighteen (25) Regional Finalists based on the following judging criteria:

Name: 10 points
Presentation and Technical Skills: 15 points
Creativity and Innovation: 30 points
Balance and Aroma: 30 points
Inspiration and Story: 15 points
Total: 100 points

Scores will be an aggregate of the entire panel. In the event of a tie, a winner will be decided using the highest Balance score, then Creativity score. The Finalists will be notified within one (1) week of presenting at the Semifinals.

Friday July 13, we will be judging the last round of the competition to decide an overall winner.

Please be sure to bring any special or homemade ingredients (syrups, tinctures, bitters, shrubs, juices, tonic, garnishes)
Be prepared to make 4 cocktails
Glassware and tools will be provided
Judging criteria will be the same as the semi-finals
Your music will be on-hand for your presentation
You will have approximately 15 minutes to present your cocktail


Regional Semifinalists:
A bottle of Copper & Kings American Craft Brandy.

Regional Finalists:
Flight for one (1) from an airport of their choosing, arriving to Louisville, KY on Thursday July 12th. And departing from Louisville, KY on Sunday July 15th.
Hotel or accommodations in Louisville for July 12th – July 15th 2017
Tickets to Forecastle Fest for Friday (July 13th) and Saturday (July 14th)
Featured in MixT&pe Competition Cocktail booklet
Tour of Copper & Kings Distillery

Third-Place Finalist:
$250 Visa gift card and Cocktail Kingdom barware

Second-Place Finalist:
$500 Visa gift card and Cocktail Kingdom barware

First-Place Finalist:
$1000 Visa gift card, Cocktail Kingdom Essential Bar Set and a trophy

Cocktail Kingdom barware

*If less than 6 recipes are submitted for a region, you will potentially be asked to travel to the closest semifinals to compete. Travel is not paid for.
*If an online finalist cannot make it to the semifinals, a runner-up will be notified to take their place.
*In the event that a Finalist cannot attend the trip to Louisville (July 12 – 15), the second place will be notified and offered the opportunity to take the Finalists position.