I guess a company that uses an ampersand as its core brand icon would naturally embrace partnerships and working with friends. There is nothing quite like working with people you admire, who share the same values and aspirations that you do.

We have always admired the craft brewing fraternity, and how they work together on collaborative beers.

I love this quote from Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione – “We believe a lot more in the good karma comes with focusing on collaboration than the negative energy that comes with focusing on competition”. Here’s a great article that illuminates some of the best partnerships in craft beer.

It really gets deeper when one looks at partnering with brands/companies that exist outside of the alcohol category but share explicit brand values and consumers – again Dogfish Head partnering with Woolrich, and Oregon’s Hopworks Urban Brewery working with Patagonia. New Holland and Carhartt.

We have really enjoyed working with some like-minded brewers and craft spirits companies. Kindred spirits who bring out the best in us.

new-craftwerk-lineupOur most fully formed partnerships have been with craft brewers to date. The most significant being with our CR&FTWERK™ line, where we finish and polish our American Brandy for a minimum of 12 months in barrels previously used to age exceptional craft beers. We are ridiculously proud to work with 3 Floyds, Against The Grain, Sierra Nevada, Jack’s Abby, Brooklyn Beer, Revolution Brewing, Milwaukee Beer Co, Oskar Blues, Fulton Beer over the past few years.

img_5804What is cool about this, is not only do we enjoy working together and celebrating American craftsmanship, but the juice is FUCKING GREAT. Complexity is built in.

We have also started our Brewskey™ distilled craft beer projects – where we distill finished craft beers using brandy pot-distillation technique focused on the retention and concentration of the core flavors and character of the original beer. The whiskey has turned out true to the beer style, and as refined and elegant as any spirit that we have distilled. (And we think our distillate is exceptional – but then we would, wouldn’t we?).

We have worked with our Louisville friends, Against The Grain and Goodwood Brewing, and in October we distilled a Porter whiskey and a Stout whiskey in honor of the Shelton Brothers Festival held on our premises. Read more about the projects here.

dark-matter-coffee_11x17-posterRecently we worked with the outstanding Chicago craft coffee company Dark Matter, on a line of American Brandy barrel aged coffees, a rare Guatemala Peaberry, and an Ethiopian Chelba Yirgacheffe.

ct-flaming-lips-few-spirits-whiskey-20160706How much more fun could we be having?

A lot!

We have some great friends within the craft spirits fraternity, and it is a real joy to start working with some of the finest craft spirits distilleries in America.
My friend Paul Hletko at FEW Spirits is a partnership maestro –– his work with The Flaming Lips on the Brainville Rye Whiskey is a true work of art – inside and outside of the bottle. Something that we can all aspire to.

We are truly excited to be working with FEW and Chicago’s Bloodshot Records on a partnership ourselves. Actually that may be an understatement.

binndy-double-barrel-box-full-lineWe have developed a “Double Album” with FEW, Bloodshot  and the exceptional spirits retailer – Binny’s, celebrating the spirit and energy of the fine city of Chicago. Make Mine A Double includes 2 individual American Brandy expressions, one of which is aged in superb FEW Bourbon barrels. The pack includes a free download of a uniquely curated Double Album from Bloodshot carrying; Vol. 1 Songs Of Chicago and Vol. 2 Songs Of Revelry. Click here for more info.

Make Mine A Double embodies everything we look for in a partnership – we like the people we are working with, the partnership elevates the individual entities above a singular sense of self, the brand values are entirely complementary. And a little bit of the best of all of us rubs off and shines a light on the others. Good Karma.

Like A Supergroup.

– Joe.