A Chicagoland Exclusive

126 Proof | 63% ABV | 2 x 375ml

Our ambition is to make American Brandy sing. To reflect the soul and enthusiasms of people that enjoy fine libations & prefer to share. For adventurers & explorers. For rockers & rappers, and be-bop jazz ninjas. For drinkers with big hearts and great taste.

Make Mine A Double is a Double Album. Because we needed more space, and notes, to shine a light on the expansive promise of American Brandy. It’s a concept album. We think you will like it. It’s adventurous, it’s bold, and each American Brandy volume is singular and individual.

The concept - take 2 individual American Brandy barrels - 1x Ex-Bourbon barrel & 1x medium-char New American oak barrel & then uniquely marry blends at different percentages and finish off in different ways to illustrate brandy’s inherent character stretch.

60% Bourbon Barrel + 40% New American Oak. Married for a final 3 Months in the original brandy barrel.

NOSE: Fruity, Hazelnut. Leather & cigars.

TASTE: Raisins. fig, quite bright. Limited Bourbon. Mid-palate centric.

FINISH: Surprisingly classic brandy considering New American Oak load. Deliciously smooth.

60% New American Oak + 40% Bourbon Barrel. Married for a final 3 Months in 2 beautiful 25 gallon FEW Bourbon barrels.

NOSE: Spicy - Clove, All Spice. Soft fruit.

TASTE: Caramel, honey. Bourbon whiskey.

FINISH: Chewy, quite forceful. Soft citrus bitterness. Long.