30% ALC. BY VOL. | 60 PROOF | Limited Edition Single Barrel


No added sugar, flavors or colorants. Non-Chill Filtered.

Natural Suspension. Some natural cloudiness or faint sediment may be apparent, particularly at colder temperatures.

Destillaré artisanal potations add balance, flavor intensity and natural complexity to inventive cocktails.



1. First Muscat distillation in alembic copper pot-stills.

2. Primary alembic Muscat Eau de Vie double distillation.

3. Eau de Vie is then added to unfermentedpure Muscat grape juice and matured in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel.

4. Seperate Alembic Double Distillation of aged Mistelle then added to barreled original Mistelle for additional fortification.

5. Blend – 78% Mistelle + 22% Mistelle Eau De Vie.

6. Infusion of orange peels, citrus oils, jasmine and spices inside the barrel.

7. Infusion polished for an additional 12 Months in the original Mistelle barrel.

Nose: Fresh, floral, strong lemony citrus & honeysuckle.

Palate: Lemondrops! Sweet, viscous, with ripe lemons & tropical citrus. Slight black tea tannin and hints of bitterness at the back end. Spreads on tongue with velvety mouthfeel.

Finish: Bold, quite playful. Seductive. Flavors linger & evolve continually.